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Shree Delhi Gujrati Lohana Gnati Mandal

Delhi's Lohana mandal, though small is organized group. In comparison to other cities Lohana's population is very limited in Delhi.

Inspite of few families residing in Delhi since last 70 years, there was no formation of organized mandal or mahajan. People use to meet up occasionally at marriage parties or knew each other through common friends, still meeting up at defined place with any objective was not happening. Under these circumstances few concerned gnati members got inspired to form the mandal about 45 years ago. Delhi's extension/ growth in comparison to today was very limited. Quite a few gnati families were residing in Chandni Chowk and neighbouring areas. Late Shri Tokarshibhai Ghelabhai who was living in Delhi since long inspired some of the prominent members and organised a meeting at his residence and that's how the mandal came into being in an informal manner.

Late Shri Shantikumar was named the first President and that's how the first lohana gnati formal organisation came into being.

Following years, the dedicated work done by eminent & visionary people like Shri Laljibhai Karshandas, Late Shri Mohanlal Dhanjibhai Palan, Late Shri Dwarkadasbhai Gadhia, Late Shri Laxmidas Kakkad and few more volunteers like Late Shri Purshottamdas Vasani, Late Shri Dhamjibhai Majithia, Shri Prabhudas Madhwani, Shri Keshubhai Thakkar, Late Shri Mathuradasbhai Aya, Shri Chhotalal Adatia, Late Shri Jagubhai Thakkar, Late Shri Jayantibhai Chandarana, Shri Nandlalbhai Aya and they dedication and leadership keeping the mandal as the focal point cannot be missed while talking about it's history and their contribution.

With the changing times and increase in the Lohana families and participation of the younger generation and rising expectations, the process of formally restructuring the organization started with the General Body meeting on 28th June, 1964 at Late Shri Kaku Bhai Badiani's residence wherein it was decided to form an ideal constitution for the upbringing of the Gnati in various fields. After that a historic meeting was organized at conference room of Shri Delhi Gujrati Samaj on 18th July, 1964, wherein the presented constitution was adopted with full support of all the members and Late Shri Tribhovandas Adatia was appointed as first president after which lot of activities and meetings started happening on regular basis.

The name of our organization was registered with our mother organization, i.e. Lohana Mahaparishad, Mumbai and since then Shri Dineshbhai Adatia and Shri Vrijlal Thakrar has been attending board meetings of mahaparishad regularly.

The main activities of our mandal includes cultural programmes like Sharodutsav, Protsahan Puraskar to the outstanding students, Nutan Varsh meeting to exchange good wishes, sending new year greeting cards, conducting picnic, congratulating the newly weds with flowers and blessings. In the religious activities the mandal participates through Jalaram Sewa Mandal (Regd) wherein full support and co-operation is being extended by all Raghuvanshi members.

Our organization has arranged from time to time religious visits to places like Hastinapur, Haridwar, Kurukshetra, Pushkar Ji, Shrinathdwara, Mathura - Vrindavan, Jatipura, Shri Gokul. The mandal has also arranged religious trips to Champaren Dham, Shir Jaggannath Puri, Tirupati Balaji and Pondichery successfully. All the credit for these trips can be assigned to volunteers like Shri Arvindbhai Popat, Shri Rajendrabhai Kanabar, Shri Rajanbhai Aya, Shri Rakeshbhai Rajani, Shri Girishbhai Palan and Shri Yashwantbhai kakkad.

In the field of education, our mandal gives scholarships to needy students. The activity of honouring elders of the mandal on attaining age of 75 years has been started since 2000-01. In addition to this mandal also extends help to the families who are fighting against chronical diseases requiring expensive treatments. Mandal also expresses condolence on demise of any gnati member to his bereaved family and prays for the departed soul. This note is incomplete without the mention of the past president Late Shri Kakubhai Badiani's contribution with money, time and effort to put the mandal on the path of progress. For his services to the Lohana Gnati while holding the post of Vice President and President for 14 years, he was honouored posthumously by the mother organization Lohana Mahaparishad, Mumbai as Gnati Ratna. Similarly young and voluntary worker Shri Nandlal Bhai Gadhia, ex Honorary Secretary has also been awarded with Gnati Ratna for his untiring services rendered to the gnati by being member of Mahaparishad working committee for over last 20 years. The mandal feels proud of it's members being honoured by Lohana Mahaparishad.

After demise of Late Shri Kakubhai Badiani, the mandal got under leadership and incessant services of following: Late Shri Mathurdasbhai Aya, Shri Morarjibhai Rajani, Late Shri Chandubhai Raichura, Shri Chhotalal Adatia, Shri Himmatbhai Masrani, Shri Dhirubhai Pavagadhi, Shri Natwarbhai Palan and Shri Arvindbhai Popat as President; in addition to these mandal recognizes the dediacted and untiring work of Shri Bharatbhai Ghia, Shri Himmatbhai Pujara, Shri Ghanshyambhai Pujara, Shri Jaykarbhai Kotecha, Shri Harshadbhai Madhwani, Shri Pankajbhai Duttani, Shri Umeshbhai Manek, Shri Dilipbhai Khunadia and Shri Sureshbhai Ganatra.

The raghuvanshi samaj in Delhi has feeling of doing something for others, here people are not interested in official positions, whereas volunteers are poised for working towards all round progress. "Co-operation, Organization and Compassion" are the combined values of the mandal and it strives for combined effort towards progressive and successful society.

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